Mindset Shifts That Are Required When Starting A Business

Mindset Shifts That Are Required When Starting A Business
I recently had the chance to work with someone whom I thought was a great catch as a client but after a few weeks, I found myself parting ways with him because I noticed that he couldn't get out of his own way and accept the assistance he hired for. 
But putting that experience behind me, I also took stock at what was hindering me from moving forward in business and I realized that this client and I are actually quite similar. Oops. 
Here are some similarities and some truth bombs which business owners and service providers might be able to relate with. 
1. The belief that no one can manage the business as well as we can.
Truth bomb: Consistency and achieving the right momentum will not happen for for the business if the owners continue to insist in wearing all the hats. 
2. The openness to work with something new and the non-acceptance of new ideas.
Truth bomb: the business will continue to plateau or stagnate because owners are fixed in continuing their old ways. 
3. Unable to give up control because of the fear that things will fall apart. 
Truth bomb: Anything that falls apart can be fixed. Your team can learn from the experience. 
It was through this exercise when I realized that delegation is a skill. No one can become managers and CEOs if they cant delegate. And so, below are mindset shifts I came up with incase I will find myself working with another client like this. These mindset shifts can help both service providers and business owners move forward too and perhaps achieve a harmonious working relationship if applied. 
The mindset shifts: 
1. Don't be obsessed with perfection. Aiming for perfection is part of your ego. Make mistakes, learn together. 
2. Fresh ideas are great. - Don't be an old dog who cant learn new tricks.  
3. Vetting the talent you work with should give you the assurance that work won't fall apart, that you found someone who is aligned with your vision. If you skipped the vetting step, then you should be worried and if a mistake is made, recall step #1. 
Is there anything you can add to these mindset shifts? Or is there something you'd like to apply in your own business? Either way, feel free to let me know.