Why Buying Instagram Followers May Be A Bad Idea

Why Buying Instagram Followers May Be A Bad Idea

Buying Instagram followers is a straightforward technique that comes with a number of benefits; it's quick, cheap, easy, and it provides you with the immediate satisfaction of seeing your following grow. However, this effortless growth in numbers may not be as beneficial as many people believe. Read on to learn the reasons why buying Instagram followers can be a bad idea for your account.

Buying followers will negatively affect your community building

When building a community on Instagram, you want genuine people who are interested in your content so that they'll engage with it and the community you've built. However, if you just purchase fake followers, they will not engage with your content—and no one else will either. The content that you worked so hard to create will only be put to waste. You've taken the shortcut for an easy boost, and now you have no true community and no means to establish one because everyone is ignoring each other.

It is not cool to have fake followers on Instagram.

As you scroll through Instagram, you may come across a profile with 1 million followers. You’re probably thinking "This person is so awesome," until you look at their posts, which only have a few hundred likes—and the comments are a handful of spam words, emojis, many of which are copy-pasted. Fake followers take up space that real followers may be using to engage with other followers. Fake followers also ruin the fun of social media.

You could be missing out on authentic engagement.

When you purchase false followers, you are paying for accounts that will never engage with your content. Engagement is a major metric for measuring success on social platforms, so if you're paying for followers who aren't engaging with your content, you're missing out on valuable feedback as well as data that might help you improve your content and reach your target audience more effectively.

You could lose real followers

Nowadays, social media platforms such as Instagram are penalizing individuals who have numerous fake followers by removing them from the platform. If this happens to you, whatever genuine followers you've built may disappear too.

Your brand image could be negatively impacted.

People will notice if your number of followers doesn't match the amount of engagement and visibility you're getting, and they'll be skeptical of the ratio between your following and engagement rate.

Buying fake followers costs money that could be used in better ways.

Purchasing fake followers is expensive. Because so many individuals have discovered this form of growth hacking, the cost of false followers has risen dramatically.

It will cause your business harm in the long run.

People will believe you have lied about other things if they notice you have fake followers. Your conversion rate will suffer, as will your reputation. It also makes others question what else you're hiding.

If you want people to take you seriously on Instagram, don’t buy fake Instagram followers. Grow organically by producing valuable content, engaging with your audience, and always showing up in your community. Keep growing, keep doing great work, and let the numbers follow naturally. Be authentic and interesting, and you’ll have all credibility and confidence in your platform that you could ever need.