eCommerce Management

eCommerce Management


Ensures that the website is maintained and optimized for marketing activities.

  • Products have accurate inventory.
  • Product descriptions are well written.
  • Product listings have attractive photos.
  • Products are priced competitively against competitors.
  • Website design is updated according to the season or campaign.

Provide analysis and reporting on metrics such as weekly/monthly sales by department, new product sell-through and offer code performance.
  • Reports will be lifted from Google Analytics.

Work closely with demand planning and warehousing teams in order to ensure smooth order fulfillment. 
  • Ensure proper forecasting for different channels are done to ensure that out of stocks scenarios are avoided.
  • Ensure on time and in full delivery of products to our customers.

Ensure good customer service by addressing and ensuring the timely resolution of customer issues or comments
  • Respond or coordinate with colleagues regarding  customer emails, comments, and other types of communication within 24 hours.

Manage promotional campaigns on social media platforms and on Google.
  • Ensure that the running ads are performing at optimal levels.
  • Encourage upsells and cross selling activities.

Manage organic marketing activities such as email marketing and organic social media.
  • Manages email content and designs.
  • Ensures that atleast 3 emails are sent out per week.
  • A/B test email campaigns
  • Manages social media content and designs