From a Shopify Student to a Shopify Coach

From a Shopify Student to a Shopify Coach


I have… 

  1. Completed the application process, 
  2. Signed the contract, 
  3. Finished the training, 
  4. Discussed my concerns with Coach Grace in our 121 call yesterday.  

Now it’s time to get those ideas from my December made outline to slides and record those videos! 

Starting next month, I will be taking over FVA's Shopify Course and begin my transition from former student to coach. 

This one's pretty exciting for me!   *Have to get used to being called Coach Randiss now. Lol.


I started out my Shopify journey with FVA with Coach Gaienne (2019). I had a great connection with her and her approach to Shopify. Some of the application assignments she had, I already had rough drafts of for my own store or even for my own VA work. I found it easy to follow her techniques and eventually, I was able to carve out my own lane after graduating from the course. 


When I started, I told myself that I’ll give myself one full year to take a break from the corporate world to see what else is out there. I was confident in doing big things but still, I found myself needing the course to learn some ecommerce and Shopify specific terms, practices, and to understand the end to end process of things. Also, I needed to answer questions  like those listed below. These would be client questions that are often asked during the interview or screening stage.  If I couldn’t answer them, then I can just kiss the contract goodbye! 

  • What's the cure to abandoned carts?  
  • Why is the bounce rate so high? 
  • Why do I have to test for audiences? 
  • What makes a product a winner?
  • What makes a good product description?
  • What’s the best business model for my business?  

These are some of the things I needed to know before I could fully go out there and present myself to potential clients or to my dream clients. More importantly, I needed to have all my bases covered to ensure that I can dictate my rates instead of accepting what is just presented to me as a budget to work with. The course provided me with what I needed to succeed.  


Having achieved it for myself, I have the same end goal for my students because my love language is to see you win! 

  • Get started on working with a client.  
  • Provide immense value to their clients for them to build and cement a relationship.    
  • Stabilize their VA business by getting a steady flow of clients.   
  • Achieve six figures monthly from their VA work. 

It doesn’t happen overnight but you have to start somewhere and create your plan of action on how to jumpstart your VA  business/ career or your Shopify store. 

Here’s to hoping you’re up for the ride and slay it with me.  

❤️ Coach Randiss  




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