Reminder: Self Care for Entrepreneurs

Reminder: Self Care for Entrepreneurs

One year into quarantine and lockdowns, and two years into going all in on virtual assistance (and working from home), I'm starting to miss more than ever the feeling of waking up in the morning, picking a dress and a pair of high heeled shoes to wear to the office. I always thought it was a good way to start the day. Add a venti sized coffee in my hand, I'd call it a perfect day!

Dressing up and playing with make-up are two of the things I did to show how I cared for myself in times of stress, challenges or even just after a regular day at the office. I would also allot some me time in my favorite coffee shops where the barista's would call out my name the moment I walked in. If I had time, I'd sneak in a two hour body massage.

Two years into starting my own business, working at home, and working with other entrepreneurs, these self care habits were dropped. As there was no dress code, no recurring face to face meetings to lead, I'd often find myself rolling out of bed, jump on to my work station, and start to do my work. It certainly trimmed down the time I spent in fixing myself. And with the pandemic, I still haven't found the courage to go out or book a home service massage. So there was none of that. Thankfully though, my coffee intake has been consistent. I thought this change in daily routines was just okay. I even rationalized it thinking that new habits are formed and dropped in different chapters or levels in one's life. So I thought this was just fitting. I rationalized further and thought; I had more time for myself, to sleep in, watch a few episodes on Netflix, listen to a podcast, and be efficient with my work.

But as my business expanded and my client list grew, I'd find myself in mini freak out sessions; melt downs as Jared would call them. It wasnt until recently when he said that I should take a day and unplug from everything. Have a self care day, get a pizza, don't be bothered by anything and come back refreshed. Do it soon and not later. He guaranteed I'd come back and feel differently: refreshed and game set to tackle the work.
And so I did. I went out to get my hair curled. It was in 2013 when I last had curly hair but it was long. This short version slightly makes me feel like Justin Timberlake and his noodle hair back in 2000. And what has changed since having my self care day? Here's my short but powerful list.

1. I booked five discovery calls which converted into clients.
2. I delegated better.
3. I slept better.

Thankful for the love, support, and reminder. I needed the time out to avoid burn out and to enjoy what I'm doing again. Check in with yourselves, if you're feeling out of tuned with your mission, it might be time to take a little step back and enjoy some me time. Doing so benefits you and the business you're trying to maintain or grow.


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