Angela Caglia Skin Care

Angela Caglia Skin Care

Hazel from the Stand Out Visual is Angela Caglia's brand designer who happens to be a friend. I was able to close this gig through a referral from her and after a discovery call with Rob, we started the work on launching the new Angela Caglia CrystalLED Face Mask. 

Website: Angela Caglia Skin Care 

Zipify Landing Page - Souffle Incentive



  • Strategy call discussing how we can create Zipify landing pages for their new product. 
  • Discussed incentives for their pre-order initiative. 
  • Discussed incentives for their post launch orders. 


  • Created 1 landing page to support a product launch on Shopify.  The landing page was made on Zipify using conversion tested templates. 


  • Linked with Google analytics to monitor ads performance. 
  • Linked Facebook pixel to monitor ads performance. 


  • Automated discounts and product offers. 
  • Cleaned up video links for Angela Caglia CrystalLED face mask.  
  • Cleaned up blog links for  Angela Caglia CrystalLED face mask . 

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