Artistik Art Materials

Artistik Art Materials
Meeting Ross to discuss his ideas on Artistik Art Materials got me all excited! Through extensive research and updates from the Shopify community, I found out that art materials are one of the trending products to sell. Bored at home? Start a hobby and paint, or sketch. After our discussion, we kicked things into high gear.
  • Responsible for 3D Product Renderings for selected products.  
  • Collaborated for the brand plan. 
  • Merged websites for USA and UK and saved 50% on operational expenses.
  • Integrated Amazon as another selling channel for the brand. 
  • Faciliated Facebook Ad campaigns.  
  • Stablized monthy earnings at $5k.  
  • Created the peak season campaigns. 
  • Created the campaigns for new product launches. 
  • Launched a brand ambassador program. 
  • Grew the e-mail list from zero to 5,000 in a year. 
  • Created the automated workflows for email. 
  • Created newsletters and promotional emails. 
  • Managed social media channels and organically grew the list of followers and subscribers. 
  • Upgraded my services from VA to Ecommerce Manager.   
  • Grew the team and recommended new hires for Graphic Design and Content Creation. 
  • Handled customer service tasks. 

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