Glam & Glo

Glam & Glo
Gloria and I worked together to bring her personal brand to life. From a marketing professional (over 20 years) to entrepeneur, Gloria was able to show the world her distinct taste, style through Glam & Glo. 
  • Created the business plan and overall brand strategy.
  • Perfomed Shopify virtual assistance tasks such as product research, sourcing, listing.
  • Created and executed the branding elements seen on her site.
  • Researched for suppliers that could support our strategies. 
  • Facilitated the store set-up. 
  • Facilitated the website design. 
  • Executed new product launches and monthly campaigns.
  • Grew the e-mail list. 
  • Sent out weekly email campaigns. 
  • Collaborated with the social media specialist for content and strategy. 
  • Collaborated with the copywriter for SEO content and strategy. 
  • Collaborated with the Facebook ads specialist for ad campaigns and strategy. 
  • Reached out to bloggers and other influencers for marketing initiatives. 

  • Responsible for staff recruitment and placement for other specialized areas.
  • Helped managed the team through project boards and other methods of communication.  
  • Integrated apps for other functions needed by the business. 
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