WaxOn Dyeing Studio

WaxOn Dyeing Studio

If you ever took interest with dyeing your clothes, then this shop is for you. It sells made to order designs, stickers, and other tie-dye related items from their physical shop, Etsy, and finally on Shopify too!  Visit their new Shopify website today. 



  • Strategy call discussing how we can set-up a Shopify website for the Waxon Dyeing Studio considering the number of variants they have for each product. 


  • Upgraded the Shopify plan from the regular Buy Button to the basic Shopify Plan. 
  • Designed the website. 
  • Customized the store set-up to link with Squarespace and Etsy.
  • Customized apps to consider 100+ variants for each product listing enabling them to sell made to order products.  


  • Integrated Pinterest. 


  • Not applicable for Randiss & Co. 

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