How To Stay Motivated When Times Are Tough

How To Stay Motivated When Times Are Tough

“How does one stay motivated when times are tough?”

This is the question I kept asking myself at the start of the pandemic. 

When clients started pausing their services, when logistics have been paralyzed, when suppliers started failing to deliver, it started becoming tough and you look around and realize that everyone, not only you, is affected. It’s easy to become discouraged during hard times and the fear of the unknown, along with everyday stress, can lead to anxiety and depression. 

When so much is out of your hands, it is important to remember the things that you have control over. Toxic thoughts create toxic emotions. If you think you’re desperate, you will feel desperate.  You can set yourself up for a good life or a life failure. The choice is always yours. 

I’ve listed some of the things that I have done or been doing to get by because it is important for us, stay-at-home moms, to be healthy in all aspects. At least we strive to be because there are other lives that depend on us. 

  1. Make a conscious effort to choose determination rather than desperation. Compare the feeling of being determined versus being desperate. Living in anxiety and negativity will cause you to feel desperate and stay desperate for as long as you want. For as long as you have your family and friends, food, shelter, and clothing, you’re really not desperate. So choose hope. Embrace the possibility that everything will be in the right place soon. Be bold and determined and do whatever it takes to get by and make your life better. Yes, even in tough times. 

  1. Learn to live with less. Some people blow their needs out of proportion. They live in a constant state of dissatisfaction and for a moment, I admit, I was in that state and I’m just so glad I was able to snap out of it. Go back to the basics. I don’t need 20 pairs of shoes and bags that go with them. My kids don’t need the top of the line gadgets. The family does not need loads and loads of closets for the clothes. Declutter. I’ve appreciated Mari Kondo so much more these days than ever before. Buy only what you need and stop wasting anything. Choose to lead a simpler life. 

  • Avoid social media. Remember that If there is anything you really need to know, you will know. Forget the fear of missing out as it really doesn’t do any good. 

  • Appreciate everything and remember that this too shall pass. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it is to appreciate what we have, especially our loved ones. Spend more time and laugh more together. As we always say, this pandemic too shall pass. 

    1. Last but not the least, Breathe. Relax your muscles. Quiet your mind. Think of how far you have come and remind yourself that nothing is permanent. These times offer us an opportunity to grow and develop ourselves. Think of all the challenges you have overcome and are overcoming and take one day at a time. Forget the mistakes in the past but remember the lessons that came with them. Of all the things you’ve been through, you’ll also survive this. 

    Hence, dust off, momma! Put on some lipstick and accessorize! Face each day as a blessing and an opportunity to become better not only for others but most especially for ourselves. We will get through this and with God’s grace, we will emerge triumphantly in the chosen fields we are currently in.  

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