A Year In The Life With Artistik Art Materials

A Year In The Life With Artistik Art Materials

Taking on new projects and big clients always seem daunting at first and that’s how it felt when I onboarded Artistik Art Materials. When it comes to enterprise brands, this is the first brand I took on and I surely learned a lot from working with the team behind it. Working with this brand has been a dream that I’ve been with them for about three years already but as the theme goes, below are our first year highlights.  



  • Discovered winning products that would bring in atleast $5,000 in monthly revenue. 
  • Created campaigns that doubled our revenue during peak season (OND).  
  • Created and launched the ambassador program for both markets. 
  • Grew the team by onboarding new teammates for ads, social, and 3D rendering. 


These milestones were achieved through the repetition of various Shop Management tasks.

  • Merged the UK and USA websites to save on operational costs by atleast 50%. 
  • Gave the customers an option to shop either on Amazon or through exclusive deals from our website. 
  • Integrated apps for specific functions (Ex. delivery by FBA)
  • Worked with the graphic design team for website, email, ads, and social media graphics.
  • Facilitated monthly alignment meetings with the team to align with marketing projects.
  • Utilized Monday boards to address sprints and take on other big projects. 


What’s next? 

With the length of time I've spent with this company, I've been involved with different projects with them and with their customers. They've given me good referrals and more! So what's next? I think I'll continue to forge new relationships within their organization (and outside).

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