1. What is the size of your business and team? 
But I frequently collaborate with other freelancers to contribute work to my clients. Here is a  blog post that talks about it.

2. How long have you been freelancer? 
I have been a freelancer since 2019, right after leaving my corporate employment.  For my professional background, you can view my Linkedin profile here   

3. Do you have papers to support your business?
Yes.  This will be available upon request. 

4. Where are you located?  
I am based in Davao City, Philippines. 

5. Why is Shopify your main service? 

I have a business background and I found that focusing on eCommerce for Shopify will still allow me to use my business knowledge and expertise.   

6. Do you have credentials for Shopify? 

Yes, I do. I am a Shopify partner and I received my training from  the Filipino Virtual Assistance - eCommerce for  Shopify course.  

7. How did you build your portfolio and experience as a freelancer? 

As a Filipino freelancer, I started the traditional route of securing clients from Online Jobs.PH.   After gathering some work experience as a VA, I was later  accepted on the Freeup platform where I was able to expand my experience, client list, and most importantly, my portfolio. Building my website and social media presence has allowed me to work with clients directly.  

8. Where do you see your business in the future? 

My goal is to be a go to professional service for all things  eCommerce.  As I continue to upskill and build my network, I will constantly add services that will  be complementary to building an online business.  

For other queries, feel free to send an email to randiss@randissandcompany.com