Proposal Template

I.  Overview and Goals:

II. Parner Care Framework: 

III. Scope of work: 

IV. Timelines 

V. Pricing (Shopify, Social Media, Blogging) 

VI. Payment Options 

VII. Payment Methods: 

  • Paypal:  
  • Payoneer:  
  • Remitly: 

VIII. Qualification Highlights: 

  • Randiss Cadiogan has received gold certificates for skills training in the areas of eCommerce for Shopify, Social Media Management, and E-mail marketing.
  • Randiss Cadiogan is a Shopify partner.  
  • Randiss Cadiogan has received consistent good feedback from clients she has served with varying tasks for eCommerce. 
  • Randiss Cadiogan was recruited and accepted as part of the Freeup community which boasts of only accepting the top 1% of its freelancer applications from around the world.  
  • Randiss Cadiogan is currently leading a team of virtual assistants that focuses on building and  maintaining  Shopify websites and social media management.